Leiden Capital Group specializes in facilitating the sale of West Coast businesses and storage and logistics businesses. Our firm’s impressive track record in selling privately held businesses comes as a result of our proven and proprietary processes. We treat each of our clients’ businesses as though we owned the business ourselves. As such, we take great care in the preparation and staging of each business prior to going to market.

Our ability to properly stage and position our clients’ businesses comes as a result of our team’s impressive business background. Many Leiden team members have owned, operated and sold their own businesses; experience which allows our team to have a holistic understanding of the sales and value building process.

Rather than taking a generalist approach, our firm specializes in several very specific niche industries. More specifically, we have strong core competencies in the following business sectors: storage, logistics/transportation, food and technology. Our extensive buyer databases in each of these industries is one of the key differentiating factors that our clients benefit from.

We recognize that selling your business is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. We are well equipped to help you with your near and long-term business objectives and look forward to the opportunity to work with you on the growth or sale of your business.

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